Sunday, December 26, 2010

Reddit Secret Santa etch

This year I participated in Reddit's Secret Santa gift exchange. Everyone who signs up is assigned a random redditor to buy/make/gift. Once you find out which user you've been assigned, it's your task to look through their comment and submission history and determine what would be an appropriate gift for your Secret Santee.
Once I learned who I was going to be sending a gift to, I looked through their history and learned through a question and answer session he had conducted that he's a 3rd generation carnival employee, so I figured something carnival themed would be most appropriate. I thought an etch-a-sketch would be a good gift for me to send, so I created this Reddit Alien Carnival. He seemed to enjoy it, here's his post.

(Click to enlarge) Thanks for checking out my Etch A Sketch art! Visit again soon for something new or check out my other pages online for things that might not appear here...

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