Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook Project

I know I should be working on my San Francisco cityscape, but when there's something you're more excited about, it can be difficult to put that something off. While I'd probably be best served putting all my effort into my major project (building a collection of full-sized city etches), I jumped head first into this huge new other thing, for no other purpose, really, than sharpen to my skills. I'm etch-a-sketching the profile pictures of everyone I know. Not just my best friends or family. Everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone. Right now I have a little over 190 friends. I'll do as many as I can 'til I get sick of it. I'm favoring people who have interesting pictures, as well as friends who comment and "like".

If you're a friend of mine and you're wondering if I'll get around to doing your portrait, here's a few things that might prevent me from getting to you:

  • You're not in your profile picture
  • Too many people in your picture. I might be able to capture one likeness, but the likelihood of getting two or three people right is much lower.
  • You have a very plain face. Or you're just impossible to capture. I attempt these people, but unfortunately, at my current skill level, not everyone is possible.

Here's some of the friends I've already sketched (click to enlarge):


I'm aware this is all a lot less impressive without knowing these people and seeing their actual profile pictures, but here they are anyway. I only recently caved on my resolve to never etch-a-sketch people. Every prominent etch-a-sketch artist I've ever come across does mostly portrait work, so I never wanted to jump into what I considered flooded territory (although I don't suspect there really is any flooding in this medium). After doing a few small commissioned works for some people on reddit, I've decided it's time to improve my abilities, bite the bullet and just start sketching people. I've come to learn I can actually do it, and I was likely just trying to protect my art-ego by saying I would never go there...

I'll be posting these as I do them, I need to stop stockpiling work before blogging. Thanks for checking out my Etch A Sketch art! Visit again soon for something new or check out my other pages online for things that might not appear here...

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