Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wizard of Oz Etch a Sketch alive in Technicolor

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I have a lot of different Etch a Sketches, nearly every color you can think of, and they all have various colored knobs. I got the idea to experiment with swapping the knobs around to do themed sketches, which lead to the idea of painting the whole thing. And if I'm going to paint the outside, why not put a little color on the glass?

I thought The Wizard of Oz would be an appropriate first etch with which to introduce color into my work. I quite often play movie in the background while I do art (along with a handful of others), as there has probably never been a movie quite so colorful and imaginative. Thanks for checking out my Etch A Sketch art! Visit again soon for something new or check out my other pages online for things that might not appear here...

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