Friday, August 6, 2010

Finished etches.

Here are all the etches I've done so far. The first one is New York City. I did this over 5 years ago and it still has the sand inside of it, so I've been keeping it level for a very long time. Now I drill holes into the back of the etches and sift out all the sand before I even begin the drawings. The New York sketch looks different than the others because it was done from memory, whereas the others are all done off of a source image. Growing up in the suburbs, this sketch is a summation of all the things you see while going in and out of the city, via car and train. I started the etch on Yankee Stadium and then worked my way out from there, which is why the quality of the rendering is probably the worst of all my sketching. I hadn't etch-a-sketched anything since I was a kid and I would draw my local A&P supermarket. I hung onto this NY etch for years and would show it to friends, roomate's friends and party guests at my happening downtown upstate apartment. People were always surprised. I didn't do another after this for a very long time. Took about 4-5 hours over about three days to complete.

New York

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I did this Chicago etch for a friend who lives out there who didn't believe I did the NYC sketch, so this became a half a year late birthday present. 14-20hrs to finish over a long period of time.


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And finally, Boston. I posted my previous etches to my favorite social media website, Reddit, and got a great response, which inspired me to continue doing these. Boston is the first etch I did based on requests, and next will be Philadelphia, also by internet request. 12-16hrs.


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  1. Awesome, that one in the middle looks very faimliar! o_O :P

  2. Dude how is this even possible? It's freakin' awesome though :D

  3. They're done very slowly. I probably finish a little more than an inch per hour, so it takes a long time.. Thanks!