Friday, August 20, 2010

Philadelphia near complete

It's incredibly difficult to photograph an etch-a-sketch, especially after the sun starts to set. This is the best I could get right now, hopefully the next one will be a little bit clearer. Still pretty happy with this etch, as I haven't made any major mistakes yet (knock on wood).


  1. Whoa. This one is looking absolutely amazing. What is the curvy line toward the middle of the sketch?

  2. The curved line in the center is the insides of the etch. If you flip it over and look at the back, there's a big circle molded into the plastic. Because so much of the dust is etched off the glass, you can see into the unit with this picture, due to the camera's angle and the bad lighting. Thanks Huve!

  3. This is amazing Bryan! You have a genius sense of design! You should design websites!! :) Are you planning on showing these? I am sure you will find a place that will display your unique style. Keep going.